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Welcome to our Blog.

2023 marks 25 years since the founding of Quantech Corp. In that time, we have amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge in terms of both technology and operational excellence for small and midsized businesses (SMB's). We figure this is one way to share some of that information. We hope by sharing some of our knowledge, news, and best practices here, and across our other social media platforms, we can foster even more community building and continue raise awareness on a variety of topics we feel are important. 

As a Business-to-Business IT Service Provider working with clients in the Insurance, Finance, Medical, Law fields, and more, we offer Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity Services, Business Continuity Services, and Cloud Infrastructure Services. This gives us a broad spectrum of topics we can cover here in the future.  

We will discuss the cloud. While this is not intended to be a technical blog per se, we do have extensive cloud expertise with Azure Virtual Desktop, Virtual Servers, Apps, Productivity Suites, and hybrid environments. We understand every business is unique, so we combine both cloud and on-premises solutions to satisfy real business needs. 

We will certainly discuss cybersecurity. This will likely be our most common topic because cyberthreats are the greatest risk to businesses today. The trajectory of threats is changing fast. So are the defenses. Awareness is always the first step but technologies like MFA, DLP, EDR, SOC, SIEM are really what takes businesses security to the next level. If you are not familiar with these acronyms, you will have the chance to learn in this blog. The more you learn about threats, defenses, and best cybersecurity practices, the more equipped you will be to defend your business against these attacks. For now, know this: hackers know SMB’s have small cybersecurity budgets. That makes SMB’s easy targets. Business owners cannot be complacent because SMB’s are low hanging fruit for bad actors. 

Finally, we will discuss topics on evolving technology. Until late last year, the major talk of the town was blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and Tokenomics. That all changed in November 2022 when a little thing called ChatGPT was released. Free Artificial Intelligence was unleashed on the world. The speed and volume of developments since then have been faster and bigger than any other technology in the history of mankind. Events like these are certainly blogworthy and we will do our part to bring them into discussions. 

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