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Why Hackers Hack

It is undeniable that technology has paved the way for individuals in creative and professional fields worldwide. While it has led to significant discoveries, the development of useful software, and the convenience of accessing information instantly, it is crucial to acknowledge the existence of individuals who prey on internet users—hackers.

But what drives hackers? Why are they so focused on stealing personal information and taking control of websites and servers? Although hackers have various motives, cybersecurity companies have identified the primary reasons behind their actions. Here is a comprehensive guide to delve into the mindset of a hacker.

Financial Gain 
Many hackers infiltrate systems with the goal of monetary compensation. They may hold personal data for ransom or steal users' credit card information. There have been hundreds of thousands of attacks targeting online systems. Consequently, it is important to use caution when making online purchases and limit the use of credit cards on unsecured platforms with unfamiliar vendors using unfamiliar hardware. For your business, you need to implement multiple levels of verification before permitting any changes to any financial relationship with a customer or vendor. 

Not all hackers are in it for the money. Some hackers simply want to show the world what they’re capable of. Defacing a public website, compromising social media accounts, and more common as of late, dumping compromised Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to the dark web after successfully harvesting it following a successful ransomware attack, is increasingly common. 
Personal Information Theft 

A prime target for hackers is PII. With enough information, hackers can steal someone’s identity. Once in control of an identity, a hacker can transfer funds from bank accounts, liquidate assets, and even open credit cards in their victim’s name. Now that mobile and online banking dominates commerce, cybersecurity companies have seen a surge in identity theft. Individuals must be wary and only access their bank accounts securely and use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect all accounts.

Hackers are modern-day pirates. Neglecting the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself online can result in significant consequences. Cybersecurity exists to protect you in the digital realm. Contact us if you would like to explore your IT and cybersecurity needs.